Q1 - 2024 Project Foundations
  • Complete Core Platform Development.
  • Secure Key Brand Licenses.
  • Develop Secure Payment Infrastructure.
  • Legal and Fiscal Framework Setup.
  • Establish BitGate Branding Design.
  • Expand Team with Industry Experts.
Q2 - 2024 Expansion and Optimization
  • Coordinate Launch of $BITG Token to Enhance Platform Utility.
  • Initiate Initial Marketing Campaigns to Generate Awareness.
  • Develop Partnerships with Key Players in the Crypto Industry.
  • Listing on CEX.
  • Expand Products Selection.
  • Expand Purchases to More Countries.
  • User Profile Dashboard.
  • Launch of BitGate Premium Club.
  • Affiliate Program Introduction.
  • Referral Program Introduction.
  • Token Deflation Mechanism.
Q3 - 2024 Growth and Diversification
  • Launch Full-Scale Marketing Campaigns Across Multiple Channels.
  • Expand Global Presence with Localization Efforts.
  • Gift Card Marketplace.
  • Wholesale Gift Card Purchases.
  • Visa Cards with Crypto Integration.
  • Mobile App Launch.
  • Implement $BITG Payment Option.
  • $BITG Cashback Rewards.

For more information about BitGate, please visit our whitepaper